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Launch your startup today! Leave it to us to think about how to make the mobile apps or web pages or IoT solutions or whatever. Focus on your work and don't waste your time!


MVP (Minimum Viable Product), represents the simplest and most functional version of a product or service that includes its core functions. Who is MVP suitable for? Who is it targeted to?

Entrepreneurs or

Entrepreneurs who develop a new business idea or product can quickly test their ideas using MVP. This can reduce risks by reducing costs and getting early feedback.


Before an existing business launches a new product or service, they can evaluate market demand and acceptability using MVP. So they can use resources more effectively.


During the product development process, MVP allows you to collect customer feedback by quickly launching key features of the product. This can provide useful data to improve the product.


When a company wants to change or improve their existing product or service, MVP can help them quickly test a new approach.


How does the MVP development process work?

A phased strategic approach is at the heart of the software development process. Utilizing appropriate methods and techniques, we implement your digital vision with our four-stage roadmap.

  • 01 Fill out the application form.

    First, we need to evaluate the work to be done. Before initiating a meeting, please provide all the necessary information in the application form. If the application is accepted, we will proceed to the meeting stage.

  • After setting a mutually convenient date for the meeting, we will detail the work to be done and create a roadmap. Additionally, to protect your business and idea, we will sign a confidentiality agreement before our meeting.

  • Following the meetings, the work is concretized and documented. Visual designs are created and approved initially. Then, the software development work begins. After final approval of the work in draft form, it goes live. Once the work is completed, the source code is delivered.

  • After the work is finished, we provide error update support for 6 months. If you wish to further enhance the work, we can continue working with you under a new agreement.



Mavigen was founded in Istanbul in 2009. We have completed more than 500 software projects since our founding. You can see a few of them below. With years of experience, we evaluate your target audience, your business, your work with the most thoughtful considerations for you, our customers, and offer you solutions.

Apart from this, we continue our start-up journey, which we started with Foodie in 2019, in 2023 as the 63rd graduates of Startup Wise Guys, one of the largest enterprise programs in Europe.

With our startup experience, we have now turned to a more specific field. We develop and implement MVP studies to be included in web and mobile application platforms for new initiatives.

If you have such an idea or a business, you are in exactly the right place.

Send us a form on the contact page to bring your work to life immediately.

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With the experience gained over the years under the Mavigen brand, we have developed and are currently running startup projects and brands.

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How can you demonstrate value to your customers in addition to a great dining experience? The best way to do this is through loyalty programs.

Delta Message

Delta Message

Delta Message, one of Mavigen's powerful and ambitious projects, was designed and developed to meet the bulk e-mail sending needs of corporate companies.



As Redoxi, our goal is to provide the most secure servers and the fastest web services.

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Kur Çalıştır

Kur Çalıştır, which we designed for your cost-effective, professional and fast website needs, has been serving since 2015.